The Wonda rolls on.

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10 years…that’s right ten years together as a band.

While our early plan for world domination has not fully come to fruition, we have played a lot of tunes, to a good amount of people, in some very interesting places and scenarios.

We’ve triumphed, we’ve flopped, we’ve had a blast, we’ve fought like hell, we’ve written some great songs, we’ve written some shitty songs. At times we have felt like we were on the verge of “making-it”, and at times it felt like the end was imminent.

Through all of that we have created a bond that will last a lifetime. Also through all of that, we are still a band. We are still Shaggy Wonda. We are still a damn good band at that. In fact, I would go so far to say that musically we are better now than ever. We are working on a batch of new songs that are as well constructed as any we have had in the past, and we have made strides in areas that we struggled before.

More than that, we are relaxed and comfortable in our skin. We put pressure on ourselves for so long to “make-it” that sometimes we put more focus on extraneous things than the things that really mattered. We are several years older now, have jobs, a couple of us have wives, and now when we play together, we aren’t trying to “make-it”. We are just a group of friends trying to be the best band we can be and have a good time doing it.

As we have started to perform live again, I am pleasantly surprised to find some of the equity we built up over the years still exists. Our first show in 6 months, an opening spot on a Thursday at a club in our home town that we have never played at, was very well attended and received. We played really well and there was a fresh energy to the room. Also, as we start to build up a gigging schedule for the fall, its been fairly easy to get back to some of our old venues and festivals just with an email or phone call.

Things change and nothing is guaranteed, but I, and I think we, are excited about a little surge of Shaggy Wonda in the world. It may be a death rattle or it may be a new beginning. Either way I hope people enjoy the music we are making, and I hope there is still an audience for this blue collar rock and roll band.

To anyone reading this, thank you. Because if you have actually taken the time to read this, it means that you are truly a fan and we appreciate all of the support and the donating of your attention to us. We will keep striving to hold up out end of the bargain and make it worth it for you.

We’ll see you soon.

Colby Miller
Shaggy Wonda

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