A true melting pot of influence is what creates the Shaggy Wonda sound. Rock and jazz meets dance and funk.  An equal blend of emotion and technique is their signature, with an emphasis on melody. Their songs will have you dancing and singing along but offer substance both lyrically and musically for the listener to delve deeper into. The evolution of eight years as a band has now lead to a new era with fresh new material and a new drive to get their original sound out into the world. Shaggy Wonda’s strong song writing and high energy live shows combine to create a package that has something for every music listener.

Shaggy Wonda formed in Bloomington, IN in March of 2006.  They were part of a vibrant local music scene and quickly became known for their big sound and high energy live shows. In 2007 the band released its first studio album, Not Bad For Tuesday. The album received great reviews and the band began to play in a wider geographic circle…

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